Good day to every one. This is diaperme, one of the site founders. I have been looking over the site and monitoring the chat servers. It appears that no one really participates in the forums and on the chat. I must admit I am slightly disappointed by these facts. I do admit I am not the best at providing content and for that I am sorry, but this is a user interaction site, for its survival the site needs the users to participate

Please read on for ways to help make this site more enjoyable for everyone.
This site is primarily a support and discussion site as I touched on before. With that thought in mind that means that for this site to remain a helpful resource, that discussion needs to occur. For those who frequent the site and chat server I thank you for your contributions to the system.

There has been many users coming on to the chat seeking support, those of us who have been on chat at those times do try to provide the answers that we can, but do to the nature of the internet, we receive users of all different types. The more users we get on the chat system, the better chance there is that some one will be able to more accurately answer questions, or just provide a friendly chat with another, who knows, you must might meet that special friend :). The same applies to the forums

Currently I am working on a way to improve the "Friend Finder" module so that users can find others of similar interest, Once the new version is up users will be more able to find those with similar interests, hopefully that upgrade will help our visitors meet one another. We here at are also looking at ways to keep publicity flowing for more users to come and join the community and interact. Below is a quick list of way users can help the site:

  • Let your friends know about this site and ask them to participate.
  • Interact on the Forums.
  • Hang around for a while in the chat rooms, They are sometimes empty because users do not stick around.
  • Don't be afraid to share your ideas and comments, If there is something that we can improve on, please submit a comment on this article letting us know.

Thank you,
Diaperme, Co-Founder