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Do you Sleep with a plushie (Stuffed Animal)

58% (33 votes)
30% (17 votes)
I am a not an AB
12% (7 votes)
Total votes: 57

Maintenance window 2 complete

Our second maintenance window is now complete.

All services are fully online.

Just like our last update minimal interruption to the systems.

Enjoy the chat!

Upcomming Site Mainteance Windows

Hello All,

The following two maintenance windows have been scheduled:

Thursday May 23rd at 9:00PM-11:00PM Pacific time -- East Coast servers
Tuesday May 28th at 9:00PM-11:00PM Pacific time -- West Coast servers

What do you think of the new Sissy Theme diaper from ABU?

No Vote
38% (21 votes)
I expected a better design/Unimpressed
31% (17 votes)
Wonderful design/Impressed
31% (17 votes)
Total votes: 55

Hello All,

Well it seems the company that hosts our server decided to make some changes last night without a reasonable warning period.

This caused our site to go offline. We are told that these issues may exists up till 8PM PST (11PM EST) today.

Should you have any issues at all during this time please accept my apologies.

More info to follow....

Best Regards,

Dear Users,

On Wed September 12 at 2:00 AM Pacific time (GMT-0700) we will be performing low level system maintenance on our servers.

The DiaperChat website will be down for approximately one hour along with chat server Chat server will remain online for those connected and those using software clients instead of the web applet.

We expect the maintenance to take no longer then an hour however please accept my apologies ahead of time if it takes longer then planned.

Best Regards,
DiaperChat network Webmaster

Welcome to 2007 everyone.

One more year has come and gone. Its 2007, we had a blast of a time on the chat last night just hanging out and ringing in the New Years.

For those of you who were here last night you know it was true. For those of you who weren't here's to ringing in the new year together every day this year and especially on new years eve this time.

This year brings a lot to reflect on, more so then a breif entry statement like this can provide so more of that below.

However before that I wish everyone a happy new year!

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There are nine days till Christmas.
It is the second day of Haunakua.
There are ten days till Kwanza.

No matter how you celebrate, no matter what you celebrate and no matter how you worship it is that time of the year again.

It is a time where we can all gather together and be thankful. It is one more year we have lived upon this earth, one more year that we have been graced to see. The going may be tough at times but at the end we can smile and rejoice.

Remember that while we may differ in some ways we are alike in many others, let this be a time of of joy and friendship.

DiaperChat Network Webmaster

Well All,

It is the end of the 4th of July.

As I look back upon this weekend I smile. It is the 4th of July. Independence day in the US. A day where many babies such as myself come out to play.

Funny is it not? It is a day to celebrate independence yet here we crinkle. No longer independent but rather dependent on our 'parents' to take care of us. Such is the life of a baby is it not?

I hope every one had a safe holiday and that tomorrow will bring no bad new of any our brothers and sisters haven fallen. Like every other holiday in the states. Today was a day to relax and be happy, yet it is also a day to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

To all those babies,caretakers,diaper lovers, and general curios at heart happy 4th of July! Remember when faced with fear and trepidation to stand up for what you believe in. Countries, all countries, not just the USA, are built upon the beliefs and the ambitions of its people and while a belief may be small right now, in 10 years who knows where it will go.

Oh and remember. We all had a few more bottles to drink today then normal, so change into an extra thick diaper tonight so that your bed/crib be dry in the morning :)

My apologies to all, over the past week a portion of visitors attempting to access the site may have received a “This site is down for maintenance” page.

This error was caused by one of our backup servers being out of sync with the primary servers causing redirection to our previously discontinued server to be displayed.

This misconfiguration only affected the website, all chat systems remained operational with out any interruption.

Thank you for continuing to visit and again accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

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