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Attention all users: I would like to apologize for the recent downtime.
On Monday December 1, 2003 are server experienced a hard disk failure causing us to loose all data since last backup.
Last database backup’s occurred on Nov 19, 2003 any one who registered on or after this date will be required to resign up, any forum posts made during this time were lost.

I would like to apologize for are extended downtime and for any further disruptions that might occur over the next couple days as the website is brought up to full production level.

Good day to every one. This is diaperme, one of the site founders. I have been looking over the site and monitoring the chat servers. It appears that no one really participates in the forums and on the chat. I must admit I am slightly disappointed by these facts. I do admit I am not the best at providing content and for that I am sorry, but this is a user interaction site, for its survival the site needs the users to participate

Please read on for ways to help make this site more enjoyable for everyone.

The Diaper Chat Classifieds are now here, Click on the classifieds section to Add your items for sell, or to look to purchase an item.

If you would like to suggest a diffrent section in the classifieds, just let me know..


On Sept 12 (email claims to have been sent on Aug 29) some of our users received a mass mailing from a person promoting a company: It is believe they scanned the member board to get these addresses (your email was set public)

We are currently looking into tracing this user down and seeing that they are held accountable for there actions.


More below

Seems A Lot of the user's are now comming on to the site: Just though I would take this time to let every one know, that theres the Diaperchat client in the downloads section, or if you already have an IRC client you can use servers: and
There Is also a WebChat client so you don't have to install any software (great for if you don't want your family and freinds to know you been here :)

ATTENTION all users, it has been comming to the attention of the server admins that there have been some issues with the new user registration. Reports are comming in that email messeges are not being sent to confirm user registration. If you are having issues with registering (the messege should arrive at the maximum 1 hour after signup), make sure you did click "FINISH" on the last page of signup and then use the contact us form to contact diaperme or the webmaster with information about your issue including username, and description of problem. Please do not send passwords.

Thank you
The Administration

We just updated all of our forums, we are now dealing with diapers in all aspects from people who wet the bed and medically have to wear diapers to people who love to wear them.

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