There are nine days till Christmas.
It is the second day of Haunakua.
There are ten days till Kwanza.

No matter how you celebrate, no matter what you celebrate and no matter how you worship it is that time of the year again.

It is a time where we can all gather together and be thankful. It is one more year we have lived upon this earth, one more year that we have been graced to see. The going may be tough at times but at the end we can smile and rejoice.

Remember that while we may differ in some ways we are alike in many others, let this be a time of of joy and friendship.

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new to the area

Hey girls. my name is chris i live near chicago. if you love diapers just as much as me lets talk. im looking for that bond between a famale.

Hey everyone im chris and i live by chicago. i absolutly love wet diapers. i would love to talk to some people. message me whenever.