Welcome to 2007 everyone.

One more year has come and gone. Its 2007, we had a blast of a time on the chat last night just hanging out and ringing in the New Years.

For those of you who were here last night you know it was true. For those of you who weren't here's to ringing in the new year together every day this year and especially on new years eve this time.

This year brings a lot to reflect on, more so then a breif entry statement like this can provide so more of that below.

However before that I wish everyone a happy new year!

Please click the subject above to view the rest of this articalThis year has brought many changes. Maybe not so for DCNET, everything is still good and our systems are all still online. This years changes are ones that affect the community.

Of important note is the fact that Tommy after being such a large influence in the community is backing out due to health and time restraints. He will be missed. DPF will continue on under new ownership. While that ownership has yet to be decided its a given that it will continue. What this means for DPF's future is unclear at this time. I do however hope it can continue to be an entry point into the community for all adult babies and diaper lovers. I wish well to the new owner(s) once they are determined.

The fact that Tommy is being forced by health to step aside throws a lot of thigns into view. Its been well over 20 years for Tommy, only 4 for the DiaperChat Network. Many other sites are even smaller, yet are any of us prepared for when the inevitable time that we ourselves will need to step down and let someone else take our place.

I personally want DCNET to survive myself. Its been a good run so far and while I don't know what the future will hold I would love to see it reach the mile stone of DPF's longevity. Ive been lightly thinking over the past couple years what would happen if I disappear, either due to health, or unfortunate death. Being young is no guarantee of a long time on this earth. The loss of Tommy to the community brings this even more into light for the needs to prepare for an event like this and my need to ensure that plans are in place for when I am unable to manage the day to day necessities of DCNET before that eventuality happens. I hope everyone will take a chance to look at their own sites failsafe plan.

The DiaperChat Networks success however is not truly determined by the admins. Its based largely on the users as well. Word of mouth propagation, and the users themselves knowing when they are pushing the limits of whats appropriate at a certain time and place. With that I must thank all the regulars to the system that I chat with often, and those that I don't get to chat with as much, for making DCNET a great place to hang out. Thank you again for another pleasurable year.
I look forward to seeing you all on the chat!

Take care, and may your bottoms be rash free.

DiaperChat Network Webmaster