"Online all you have is your honor, lose that and you have nothing"

"Online all you have is your honor, lose that and you have nothing"

If you have been around the chat room long you have probably seen this line a time or two. This line is a large part of the basis of the site and is really true of all online chat locations.

Online no one can see who you really are, no one can know for sure what is true and what is not. On chat sites you need to be able to trust what you are being told is the truth otherwise it is just a fantasy.

This is especially true when it comes to identity (location, age, what got you interested in the community, how much this is a part of your life, etc.)

Because of the need for honesty one lie means nothing else can be trusted about you.

From an admin standpoint as wild as stories may see they have to go against a "is it possible" and "does this clash with previous story" as judging points. To judge a story just because it seems 'wild' would be unfair.

I'm not saying that its wise to believe everything you read in a chat room, I'm saying its possible what is said is true, we as chatters just have to take it on faith. Using common sense is also wise in personally judging what to personally believe and give everyone respect they deserve until its proven that respect isn't deserved.

If you have proof someone is lying about who they are it is best to bring it to an admin who can correlate the data and deal with the issues. Attacks in the main room (vigilante justice) just lead to fights and don't help anything.

If you lie about who you are you can trust it will be found out. Sometimes it takes time to catch the lies but overtime everyone makes mistakes. The truth is the best policy.

I am a firm believer in "Online all you have is your honor, loose that and you have nothing"

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Hey, I tried logging in today


To get back in

Hi i like to get back in the chat rooms i am for real someone took my identity I been chatting for months
I do not fake anything.