As many people in the past may recall, there was once a site called “When Kids Love Diapers” or WKLD for short.

This site was intended as a support site for those who like wearing diapers, and there family.

We recently contacted the author, and have received permission to provide a copy of it on this server.

Click “Read More” for the URL and more information.
Note: This mirror is provided for community services only and does not reflect a support by DiaperChat™ Network. It is provided for the sole purpose of allowing users to continue to gain, and learn from the information it provided.

Those wishing to view this support site may visit

We wish to thank the original author for his time in creating this site, and for allowing us to mirror it on this server.

Linking Policy: Any site may link directly to for any new reference, or in place of the previous reference of (This site no longer exists, we do hold the offical permision to allow it to live on our server though)