Well all, its been brought up to me by few that the site logo needs to be redone and I tend to agree with them.

It has been decided that the best way to work on a new logo is to open it up for member contributions.

Those interested in submitting there idea should read on for the guidelines on image submission. The following standards have been designated for the new logo, those logos wishing to be submitted should match the following:

1) The image MUST be an original work that you can grant a full exclusive rights of royalty free distribution to the DiaperChatâ„¢ Network.
2) The image should be no bigger then 600 by 80 pixels in size.
3) The image should be delivered in JPG or GIF format.
4) Please keep the original image in original format handy in case it is chosen and its quality data is needed for conversions to other formats.
5) The image should be relatively neutral in stance. This site serves AB's, TB's, DL's, Bedwetters, those who are fully incontinent, furies, and others, so the should be appealing to all and excluding of none.
6) The logo MUST contain the site name "DiaperChat" and a superscript style "TM"
7) The logo should, but is not required to contain the site slogan "Where those who wear diapers come to chat"
8) Have fun designing the image, This is a site for being are selves, and relaxing.

Logo Selection:

All Images received will be taken in and evaluated for selection as the new logo.
There is no hard set rule here for what image will be chosen for the new site logo, it will be looked at internally, and by select groups, possibly put up for general vote.

Again, there are no set criteria for what image will be selected, they will be chosen with an open mind.


Any one may submit an image, there is no limit to the number that may be submitted by a signal person.

Please mail all entries to webmaster@diaperchat.com with a subject of "Logo Submission" by January 1, 2005 so that a timely final selection may be made.

DO NOT zip, or put the image in some sort of archive, any image that comes in that is not solely by itself may be deleted.