How do you use your diapers?

Tinkels only
37% (284 votes)
Poopy only
1% (11 votes)
Both, thats what they are for.
59% (448 votes)
3% (22 votes)
Total votes: 765


I go pee pee and poo poo in

I go pee pee and poo poo in my diapers but I definitely do pee more often than poopies cause my girlfriend don't like to change messy diapers. Sometimes she will but mostly if me wants to be naughty boy and poo poo in my diapers I gotta clean up

Use of diapers

Well I am ONLY a wittle baby,so use diapers for EVERYTHING without a care at all!!

I need to be a BABY GIRL full-time.I love MY diapers,and EVERYTHING about just being a helpless baby!!!!


I always pee but had the curiosity of pooping once and it was different, if you only pee you sued tray it


I would use them ( If I head some diapers, which I don't) for sex and I would do both in them all of the while I would also masturbate in them... Hopfully I will find a girl out there who has this same fetish I do but can also supply diapers to me :P


just use them for taking a wiz

Re: How do you use your diapers?

You don't have a rarely or sometimes for them.