Latest Java update blocks the chat

On January 14, 2013 Oracle released an update for Java, the application used by the Chat Room application that by default causes access to be blocked.

In order to restore access to the chat after updating to Java 7 Update 51 (J7U51) you need to make a change to your settings.

NEW: We we have released a patch for Windows that will update the settings for you.
This patch can be be downloaded here

Manual instructions below

1) Open the Java Control Panel (Avaliable in the windows control panel)
2) Click on the security tab
3) Click on the edit site list button
4) add to the list
5) Click OK and than OK again.
6) Return to and the Chat Room should work.

NOTE: If the above does not work you can also try sliding the slider from "High" to "Medium" after step 2 instead of adding the site to the list.


Cannot chat

I have not been able to chat for a couple of years because the system will not let me in. Read the other comments, still have no idea how to get back in. Is the site even operating anymore or has it shut down?


adding diapercht

lots of warnings come risk appears high. it's a windows warning and java warning.

Not too sure

So when clicked on the patch to download, it said it could be potentially dangerous to download. I don't really know what could happen, so I wanted to know if it is safe from anyone.


This is absolutely driving me crazy

I am tech savvy and have tried every thing you have given as a suggestion and havent been able to get into the chat in weeks. WTF

Looks like Java is locking

Looks like Java is locking down more.

Seems the only way now is to add the URL's to the list of exclusions as there does not appear to be a reduced security option anymore.


I guess no more chat for me then. Something goes wrong with any irc client I try to use and the java exception thing just doesn't work anymore. I guess I just cant come back like others who cant get around this. This is so frustrating its migraine inducing.

I don't seem to be able to do the above

Hellos, NekoEvie here (apparently made an account long ago and didn't want to make a new email).

I tried the above, but I have nothing like a "edit site list" button. I had some sort of button about a manager, but upon inspection, it only lists stuff that I have no idea what they are. Oddly enough diaperchat is listed on there, but I don't know what it is saying about it and I can't make any changes to what I see.

Any input would be appreciated!

Yea, it just talks about the

Yea, it just talks about the certificate or something, nothing about adding to a list or being at all editable.

Should be editable

If your using Java 7 Update 51 (See the About on the General tab)

You should be able to edit, its a button "Edit Site List" has some more instructions in case the above is not clear.

once you have the site in the list make sure you go to the same domain name to visit the applet (if you put in the list you need in the browser if you use in the list you need in the browser, etc)

It didn't work.

The above solution yall gave I went through and applied, and to no avail. I still cannot connect at all. The patch doesn't work whatsoever and neither does the manual instructions.

1) Make aboslutly sure you

1) Make aboslutly sure you are on Java 7 Update 51 (click about on the General tab of the Java control panel)

This procedure ONLY applies to Java 7 Update 51. Any other version is a different issue.

It is possible to have 2 different control panels
c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe
c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe

Check and make sure its listed in both if you happen to have them both (on 64bit computers)

I found a note that sometimes the console doesn't correctly control both so you have to open each individually.

Again make sure the domain you put in the list is the EXACT same as the one you use to get to the website aka if you type in your browser the exact same needs to be in the list.

If that doesn't work than drop the security slider down to "medium" its lowest level.

On modern computers you may need to choose "Run as Administrator" to have permission to edit these settings.

I'm not kidding, "Edit Site List" is not there

If I could show you a screenshot I would. I click on the "Security" tab and the only two buttons I have are "Restore Security Prompts" and "Manage Certificates...". I also have a slide-bar to adjust the "Security Level". There is no button that says "Edit Site List" anywhere.

I looked at the Oracle Documentation and see that I explicitly am missing that one field in the center of the Security tab where Edit Site List should be. What I have instead is the single sentence: "Unsigned and self-signed Java applications will not be allowed to run on older versions of Java."

Have you tried the exe above

Have you tried using the Executable patch above yet?

Also you may try right clicking on java and "Run as administrator" see if that makes a change or not.

Try me on Yahoo messenger if you need more details: yahoo id: diaper_me2