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DCNET Will be moving on.

To the ABDL Community,

After over 17 years of serving the community DCNET will be closing down the chat on April 4th 2020. This is a decision that hasn’t been reached lightly and it has taken quite some time to try and figure out how to announce this to the community.

The website and the content we mirror for other sites will stay up for the time being with no plan yet to remove it inside the next 12 months. In addition I suspect there will be a number of posts in the future even after the shutdown reflecting back on DCNET past to allow all more insight to history they may not know and to hopefully spur on the next generation to put their heart into something as much as all who have made DCNET possible have.

It has been a very interesting time managing this site. This site has given me a place to call home when I needed it most with friends to talk to when in need of support as I’m sure it has done for many many of you.

This community has been like a second home for many over the years, but as life changes we have to change with it. Due to changes in my own life over the years this site has received less and less of my attention. With less direct involvement this site risks falling from the pedestal of the morals that this site was designed to uphold and that is a situation I never want to see happen, I want us to be able to remember DCNET as a positive experience.

With that in mind and looking at how life has continued to change for me further limiting my capabilities to uphold what this site stands for I’ve made the difficult choice to have us close the doors. This announcement is intentionally given with an extended lead time to allow all in our family a chance to make contact with the friends they have established here and prepare to move forward.
The internet is a much more open place now than when DCNET first started. We were one of very few public facing chat websites at the time, we merged old technology with new allowing the vanguards of the community before us to continue guiding the next generation. We have seen a generation pass on due to natural causes and have seen a new generation grow up where being ABDL is significantly less stigmatizing. We have stood up against attacks against the ABDL community and held strong. Those who did not understand the ABDL community tried to take us down many times over the years, but we pulled through each and every time, with the help of our regular chatters who would help us fight off any attempts to ruin this place of joy. The community played a large role in us getting this far, the community that called this site home gave us the willpower to keep this site going this long.

I am aware the odds of me ever spending 17 years with one single project again in my life are likely non existent. There are not many opportunities that come around these days for such a long tenure to exist. I thank all for allowing me to serve the community this long.

Before we close down I owe a few special recognition to members of the community.

First off I owe a special thanks to those who worked in ops over the years in the official site channels. Especially the last 5 years, this site owes a lot to those who have volunteered their time to keep it safe, PPBear, AB, trucklover, DadNappy, Kirito and likely others I have forgotten to mention.

I also owe a special thanks to a number of individuals who have been there for me in helping provide support for the site over the years, Rob for his push that caused this site to become; WetOne for providing some hosting and services during the sites early years; lilchris for being there when I needed an independent voice and for never being afraid to call my phone at 3am when a situation needed me to wake up and deal with it; BitterGrey for having a site that provided a community resource for helping us understand ourselves and for being someone I could look at and respect their work in the community.

There are countless ways visitors have helped this site over the years and I’m sorry to those whom I just don’t have the space to call out here in this announcement, just know that it's because of you all that this site that started as a project sitting in my bedroom became the community it is today.

I also want to leave you all with this thought. Over the years DCNET hasn’t accepted corporate sponsorship, we haven’t run as a pay site, we never made membership mandatory. Large projects like this can be done for the benefit of the community without having to give in to outside influences. Never be afraid to stick to your morals and go the path you want.

With that said I wish you all the best as you move forward with being yourselves. I’m going to miss being able to peak my head in the room, I”m going to miss the MommyBot as a caretaker jokes, I’m going to miss the deep thoughtful discussions I’ve had with many of you over the years, I’m going to miss DCNET.

Thank you all for your support over the years.
DCNET Founder

For those of you whom are 18+ and are looking for a place to keep contact with me my FL profile can be found at (if you reach out make sure to note you are from DCNET and the nickname you used if it doesn’t match your FL name)
I can be reached by email using

Latest Java update blocks the chat

On January 14, 2013 Oracle released an update for Java, the application used by the Chat Room application that by default causes access to be blocked.

In order to restore access to the chat after updating to Java 7 Update 51 (J7U51) you need to make a change to your settings.

NEW: We we have released a patch for Windows that will update the settings for you.
This patch can be be downloaded here

Manual instructions below

Maintenance window 1 complete

Maintenance on our East coast server "TheCrib" has been completed.

All systems functioning normally and as promised most users didn't even notice window.

New DiaperChat Site

Well we been using the old site for many years now and its become obvious it was time for a change.

Some changes will not be directly visible to users others are very visible.

The Diaper Chat Network is now on Twitter as @DiaperChat

A few updates have been done to the website chat.

If you have any problems please let me know in the chat or send me a message via the Message system (On the left side bar after you log in)

Seems our datacenter dropped the ball again. No failures on our side and no one shut us down.

Site is back online now after a few hours without a connection to the world due to the datacenter lossing internet access.

We hope they have the issues sorted but belive this could take a few days before it is 100% sorted out.

September of 11, 2005, Patriot day

It has been four years since that day, Nearly 3000 Americans dead in one day.

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, need to wears and like to wears and those who have never tried.

We remember thee and your lives, cut short on that faithful day.

Our lives go on, with great loss, we remember thee.

We pray for thee, they heart be pure, and thy soul be free, rest in peace.

Many lives were torn apart on that day. We pray for those left behind, the strength to go on through all the pain.

It’s that time of year again, the time where children everywhere will soon awake with smiles on their faces, and bits of laughter in every house.

It’s are second holiday season with the diaper community, and I’m glad to say its been a great year with new friends, and old ones. While the site has had its little bumps this year, were stronger for it. It has been my pleasure to chat with everyone and run this site.

Thank you all for making this site so enjoyable to work with.
Happy Holidays to all newborns, babies, toddlers, and need to wears.
May you leave the holidays with wet diapers, no rashes, and a smile on your face.

Even though this story has been on the internet for a while now, one of our members has brought it to my attention and we both feel it should be shared with everyone.

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