New DiaperChat Site

Well we been using the old site for many years now and its become obvious it was time for a change.

Some changes will not be directly visible to users others are very visible.

We have made changes to the backends of the servers. These changes are mostly preemptive in nature. The changes range from security to performance to ensure DiaperChat will be here for years into the future without issues.

From the more viewable side we made the following changes
Site Theme: We cleaned up the look a bit to bit more streamlined
Forums: Many of the forums had gotten old and out datated. We will be starting these from scratch.

Please feel free to contact diaperme on the chat server if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


Wondering if theirs DL Women

I have found sometime to diaper my self with my wife home. Im doubled up with 2 North Shore Supremes. I never felt so complete, disposable diapers rock. Love to chat.


I have not been able to get on diaperchat for a long time and have no idea why. Eugene


Make it mobile friendly

Make it mobile friendly


delete my account

Please help me to delete my account. I made a mistake and didn't mean to join this site.

Thank You,


Hello everyone

Hello everyone

i am your mommy

Hi i am Mistress/mommy who is seeking a devoted baby that is willing to give themselves to Me. I require serious training and re-educating as to their true role in this world. get in touch if you are interested
(g o d d e s s k e l l y 2 3 ) no space
gma il
d ot
c om
i will just sent you some of my pics there i will wait your message there

Im Mistress Mommy and im seeking my new baby

hey m8