As has been planned for sometime now an Instant Messenger client has gone into a state of active development.

While no date has been established for the completion of DiaperChat™ Instant Messenger (DIM™) we have begun selecting a group of users to start testing are program and help with the development of the program.

For more information read on, and please, remember to check back for updates. [poll included in this post]There is still much development required on this project work shall continue, and we hope, to create very own instant messenger client, dedicated solely to those who wear diapers, and there friends.

Last night testing began with two users on a basic version of the client program, the IM server itself will require much more editing, as will the client.

Are testes will be providing feedback to help us evaluate the clients needs for updates and functionality, while the programming on it will remain hopefully continuous.

Current features that are planned for the client include:

  • Emoticons
  • File Sends and Receives
  • Online and Offline messaging
  • Interaction with the chat server to create open multi-user rooms

Other features will hopefully be added in future versions, including Voice Chat and Video Chat, but these are some way off.

Comments and questions are welcome, and please vote in the poll.


Re: DiaperChat™ Instant Messenger

Well it has been some time since I posted the last message.

Right now I just want to update every one a little bit.

Currently there is a beta in progress, its working pretty good, and its interacting with the test user base quite well.

There are a few bugs in the client, while there not truly functional issues, they are cosmetic annoyances that I haven't had time to fix.

These are going to take me some time, I'm currently rather busy with college taking up much of my time.

If any one happens to have any programming experience and is wishing to help please contact me via the contact us module to the left, send it to admin-diaperme

Id appreciate any help that can be provided.

The client is currently being written in Delphi so Delphi experience would be a plus for working on the client.

Thank you,