Seems A Lot of the user's are now comming on to the site: Just though I would take this time to let every one know, that theres the Diaperchat client in the downloads section, or if you already have an IRC client you can use servers: and
There Is also a WebChat client so you don't have to install any software (great for if you don't want your family and freinds to know you been here :)

ATTENTION all users, it has been comming to the attention of the server admins that there have been some issues with the new user registration. Reports are comming in that email messeges are not being sent to confirm user registration. If you are having issues with registering (the messege should arrive at the maximum 1 hour after signup), make sure you did click "FINISH" on the last page of signup and then use the contact us form to contact diaperme or the webmaster with information about your issue including username, and description of problem. Please do not send passwords.

Thank you
The Administration

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We just updated all of our forums, we are now dealing with diapers in all aspects from people who wet the bed and medically have to wear diapers to people who love to wear them.

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