How do you use your diapers?

Tinkels only
37% (284 votes)
Poopy only
1% (11 votes)
Both, thats what they are for.
59% (448 votes)
3% (22 votes)
Total votes: 765

It’s that time of year again, the time where children everywhere will soon awake with smiles on their faces, and bits of laughter in every house.

It’s are second holiday season with the diaper community, and I’m glad to say its been a great year with new friends, and old ones. While the site has had its little bumps this year, were stronger for it. It has been my pleasure to chat with everyone and run this site.

Thank you all for making this site so enjoyable to work with.
Happy Holidays to all newborns, babies, toddlers, and need to wears.
May you leave the holidays with wet diapers, no rashes, and a smile on your face.

Well all, its been brought up to me by few that the site logo needs to be redone and I tend to agree with them.

It has been decided that the best way to work on a new logo is to open it up for member contributions.

Those interested in submitting there idea should read on for the guidelines on image submission.

As many people in the past may recall, there was once a site called “When Kids Love Diapers” or WKLD for short.

This site was intended as a support site for those who like wearing diapers, and there family.

We recently contacted the author, and have received permission to provide a copy of it on this server.

Click “Read More” for the URL and more information.

I am sorry about the recent instability that has been present with the site in the last 24 hours.

There are a few errors in the server that keep creeping up periodically, hopefully things will be back to normal soon

Update 8/31: The server appears to be fixed now, all things should be back to normal

How comfortable are you with wearing diapers?

I don't care who knows I wear diapers.
27% (252 votes)
I wear around others, but worry about reactions
20% (181 votes)
I accept diapers, but I keep them to myself.
50% (455 votes)
I have trouble accepting diapers, but I manage.
3% (30 votes)
Total votes: 918

Would you use DiaperChat? IM?

Yes, Definitely
82% (381 votes)
Yes, Although I'm not sure its required
6% (28 votes)
Maybe / Depends who else uses it
12% (55 votes)
Total votes: 464

As has been planned for sometime now an Instant Messenger client has gone into a state of active development.

While no date has been established for the completion of DiaperChat™ Instant Messenger (DIM™) we have begun selecting a group of users to start testing are program and help with the development of the program.

For more information read on, and please, remember to check back for updates. [poll included in this post]

Well, Just a quick update for all users. With are new server being brought online a few changes have been made to the server.

Those who use the web applet need not worry about this, the changes are already done for you.

Those who use a standard IRC client will need to adjust your connection to be as follows: with a port of 7000

Thank you
DiaperChat™ Webmaster

Does the new theme help you?

53% (58 votes)
Yes, but it needs a little more work
25% (27 votes)
No, It's obvious this is a diaper site
23% (25 votes)
Total votes: 110
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