When do you change your diapers?

As soon as I wet I change
15% (535 votes)
2 or so wettings but still dry
33% (1149 votes)
Not untill I leak
52% (1833 votes)
Total votes: 3517

Well All,

It is the end of the 4th of July.

As I look back upon this weekend I smile. It is the 4th of July. Independence day in the US. A day where many babies such as myself come out to play.

Funny is it not? It is a day to celebrate independence yet here we crinkle. No longer independent but rather dependent on our 'parents' to take care of us. Such is the life of a baby is it not?

I hope every one had a safe holiday and that tomorrow will bring no bad new of any our brothers and sisters haven fallen. Like every other holiday in the states. Today was a day to relax and be happy, yet it is also a day to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

To all those babies,caretakers,diaper lovers, and general curios at heart happy 4th of July! Remember when faced with fear and trepidation to stand up for what you believe in. Countries, all countries, not just the USA, are built upon the beliefs and the ambitions of its people and while a belief may be small right now, in 10 years who knows where it will go.

Oh and remember. We all had a few more bottles to drink today then normal, so change into an extra thick diaper tonight so that your bed/crib be dry in the morning :)

My apologies to all, over the past week a portion of visitors attempting to access the site may have received a “This site is down for maintenance” page.

This error was caused by one of our backup servers being out of sync with the primary servers causing redirection to our previously discontinued server to be displayed.

This misconfiguration only affected the website, all chat systems remained operational with out any interruption.

Thank you for continuing to visit and again accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello All,

I'm happy to announce after fixing a few items user membership has reopened.

Those of you how have been waiting to create account can now do so.

Thank you for your patience. May your diapers be wet, and your chair be dry.

As some of you may have noticed, we have a new logo :)

Credit for this design goes to wittle Baby Lauren, who was most undoubtedly “Pretty In Pink” when she made this lovely design. Although it took her a couple of tries to not use just only the pink crayon *G* next time hopefully she will remember that not all of us look as good in pink as she does.

Many a nappy did give its life in the quest for the new logo, probably even a pair of ruffled panties, and for their sacrifice we do now have a cute little logo. I hope all of you find it appealing a logo as me and my cohorts have.

Thanks again Lauren! Keep up the good artwork! and remember always ask your mommie for more then just the pink crayon :)

Well, It took a while, but h'm happy to say that DiaperChat has upgraded the backed-end systems with security updates, we have also moved the website itself to a newer, faster, dedicated server.

DiaperChat is poised to expand, were coming up on another holiday season and this is my gift to the visitors, a new system, more secure, and stable.

I can't wait for Christmas with my friends

Please note: I am currently still converting some information, as such much of the items members saw before are still missing, over the next few days the information will be added again.

The chat servers are still up, and have been up, through the entire maintenance window, and the web client will soon be put back on the website after it is converted to run.

Marry Christmas all :)

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Some time with my mommie/daddy
7% (5 votes)
A chance to be a baby
49% (35 votes)
The toys!
7% (5 votes)
A chance to just relax
38% (27 votes)
Total votes: 72

Have you ever told someone about your diapers?

Yes, because I need to wear.
27% (73 votes)
Yes, That I like them.
65% (178 votes)
Yes, but lied saying I have a medical need.
8% (22 votes)
Total votes: 273

September of 11, 2005, Patriot day

It has been four years since that day, Nearly 3000 Americans dead in one day.

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, need to wears and like to wears and those who have never tried.

We remember thee and your lives, cut short on that faithful day.

Our lives go on, with great loss, we remember thee.

We pray for thee, they heart be pure, and thy soul be free, rest in peace.

Many lives were torn apart on that day. We pray for those left behind, the strength to go on through all the pain.

How do you view yourself?

Adult/Teen Baby (AB/TB)
23% (287 votes)
Diaper Lover (DL)
53% (669 votes)
20% (256 votes)
Baby Fur
2% (31 votes)
Parental Figure
2% (21 votes)
Total votes: 1264
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